Visiting Lecture Faculty of Educationand Teaching Training

UT PONDOK CABE, 04/08/2023 – Visiting Lecturer activities, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Open University (FKIP UT), held on August 4 2023, carried out online and offline (hybrid), at UT Pondok Cabe

Beginning with listening to the national anthem Indonesia Raya and the UT Hymn, followed by remarks as well as the opening of the activity delivered by the Dean of FKIP UT, Prof. Dr. Ucu Rahayu, M.Sc.

In her remarks, she underlined the theme of the activity which is closely related to the missions of FKIP UT, namely “Equitable Access to High-Quality Teachers: Bridging the Gap in Inclusive Education,” organized by the Faculty of Education and Open University Teacher Training. Thank you we convey to the guest lecturer, Prof. Thomas Luschei, PhD, from (School of Educational Studies, Claremont Graduate University), who is willing to attend this activity in person

In line with technological developments in the field of education, UT including FKIP has transformed into a modern digital university. This is another challenge for FKIP to provide equity and quality learning services to teachers

Furthermore, in his remarks the Dean of FKIP UT stated that as an institution that produces professional educators and educational staff through a long-distance open higher education system, currently FKIP serves more than 125,000 students, dominated by 89,786 Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program students, and 26,985 Program students. Early Childhood Teacher Education Study.



In addition, she emphasized that there are three faculty missions. First, improve the quality of the education system and service delivery to meet the needs of educators and education staff in a professional manner. Second, expanding access to open and distance higher education nationally, regionally and globally. Third, produce and disseminate research findings on science, technology, and arts in the field of education to improve the quality of educators and education staff, as well as educational institutions

Next, the presentation of the material from the guest lecturer, Prof. Thom said that qualified teachers are very important in the education system

Because a good teacher has the ability to handle, understand, and motivate students. Professional teachers, in addition to mastering knowledge, the material being taught, also know and master learning methods appropriately, and are able to motivate students, have skills and broad insight into the world of education

Education is a tool that is able to mobilize vertically to encourage changes in one’s destiny. Efforts to equalize and expand education are a public policy that must be implemented by the government, both central and local governments

In implementing public policy, it must be carried out with careful planning. The process of equal distribution and expansion of learning opportunities is one of the targets in the implementation of human resource development. This is intended so that everyone has the same opportunity to obtain the same rights in accessing education

The next event was followed by a question and answer session and giving door prizes which were given to participants who gave questions to the resource persons in the question and answer session and gave certificates to guest lecturers, Prof. Thom (his nickname). Hope this helps!