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Dean’s Speech

  /  Dean’s Speech

Speech by the Dean of the FKIP Open University


Assalamuálaykum warohamtullahi wa barokatuh

Healthy greetings and best wishes to all of us

Uncle swastiastu, name of culture, good greetings, Rahayu.

Welcome and welcome to meet us on the website of the Faculty of Teaching and Education, The Open University.

The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) is one of the faculties that was established along with the establishment of the Open University, namely in 1984. UT is the 45th public university and the 20th PTN-BH in the country. FKIP UT as part of UT is a pioneer in organizing teacher education with a distance education system in Indonesia.

FKIP UT has a vision to be an excellent faculty in producing professional educators and educational staff through an open and long-distance higher education system. This is in line with UT’s vision, which is to become a provider of world-class distance education. The FKIP has missions in:

Improving the quality of the delivery system and education services to answer the needs of educators and educational staff in a professional and quality manner

Expand access to open and distance higher education in the field of education nationally, regionally and internationally.

Producing and disseminating findings of scientific, technological and artistic studies in the field of education to improve the quality of educators and education staff, as well as educational institutions.

Since its establishment, FKIP UT has carried a mandate from the government of the Republic of Indonesia to improve the qualifications and competence of teachers from Sabang to Merauke.

FKIP UT received a mandate to provide services to improve the qualifications of elementary school teachers to Diploma 2, then continued to become S1 qualified in 2006.

Currently, FKIP UT is holding undergraduate programs, postgraduate programs, Professional Education Programs, and Certificate Programs. We have 11 (eleven) undergraduate study programs, 3 (three) master programs, 1 (one) professional education program and 2 (two) certificate programs. The program is as follows.

Elementary School Teacher Education Study Program (PGSD). PGSD S1 Study Program with accreditation A.

Early Childhood Education Teacher Education Study Program (PGPAUD). PGPAUD S1 Study Program with accreditation A.

Indonesian Language and Literature Education S1 Study Program. S1 Study Program Indonesian Language Education accredited B

English Education S1 Study Program. Bachelor of English Education Study Program with B accreditation.

Pancasila and Citizenship Education Study Program. This study program is accredited B.

S1 Economic Education Study Program. This study program is accredited B

Mathematics Education Study Program. This study program has accreditation A.

Biology Education Undergraduate Study Program, this study program is accredited B.

Chemistry Education S1 Study Program. This study program is accredited B.

Physics Education S1 Study Program. This study program has B accreditation

Educational Technology S1 Study Program. This study program is accredited B. Currently, this study program is the only one that accepts students without the requirement ‘”as a teacher””

In the Postgraduate Program we have 3 study programs, namely”

Master of Basic Education study program. MPDR Study Program has accreditation A.

Master of English Education Study Program. This study program has B accreditation

Study program Master of Mathematics Education, accredited B.

In addition to the Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs, starting in 2023 FKIP UT will organize a Teacher Professional Education program for both pre-service and in-service teachers. The fields of study for Teacher Professional Education that are currently being managed are the fields of PGSD, PGPAUD, Economics Education, Biology Education, and Physics Education.

FKIP UT also offers certificate programs managed by the Center for Community Service, namely:

Indonesian Language Program for Foreign Speakers

Early Childhood Education Certificate Program.

During the 2022.2 registration period, FKIP UT has around 126 thousand students. Since FKIP was established until now, we already have around one million and eight hundred alumni.

In accordance with the characteristics of Distance Education Institutions, in carrying out the Education program, FKIP UT cooperates with LPTKs/universities, schools, Education offices and Education associations.

To guarantee quality, we always carry out quality improvements and are periodically accredited by internal and external parties such as BAN PT, Independent Education Accreditation Institute and the International Council for Distance Education.

That is the overview of the Open University FKIP.

Wabilahi taufik walhidayah.

Wassalamuálaykum warohmatullohi wa barokatuh.


South Tangerang, May 2023

Prof. Dr. Ucu Rahayu, M.Sc