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Three Heroines, One Dedication: Professor Inauguration Ceremony at UT

Tuesday, 1 August 2023, was a historic moment for the Open University (UT) in recognizing the achievements and dedication of a lecturer in the academic field. On this day, UT held a Professorial Inauguration Ceremony at the Open University Convention Center (UTCC) to honor three UT heroines who have achieved the title of Professor.

The three UT Heroines who were inaugurated as Professors were Prof. Dr. Tri Dyah Prastiti, M.Pd., from the field of Learning Technology, Prof. Dr. Ucu Rahayu, M.Sc. from the field of Science Learning, and Prof. dr. Dewi Artati Padmo Putri, M.A., Ph.D. from the field of Renewal in Learning. All of these professors come from the UT Teaching and Education Faculty (FKIP).

The ceremony began with an opening session by the Chancellor of UT, Prof. Ojat Darojat, M.Bus., Ph.D., and continued with the Reading of the Chancellor’s Decree on the Appointment of Professors by the Chairperson of the UT Senate, Prof. Dr. Chanif Nurcholis, M.Sc.

Then the event continued with scientific orations by the Professors. Prof. Tri Dyah delivered an oration entitled “Higher Order Thinking Skills as an Outcome-Based Education Learning Model in Mathematics Learning,” which explored the importance of higher-order thinking patterns in and how mathematics is a science that cannot be separated from real life.

Prof. Ucu delivered an oration entitled “Science Learning to Improve 21st Century Skills through Distance Education,” which underlined the importance of innovation in science learning by using a distance learning system, which is increasingly relevant in this 21st century era of technological change.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dewi delivered her oration entitled “Accelerating the Process of Adopting Online Learning Innovations Towards Global Digital Transformation in Education After the Covid-19 Pandemic,” which discussed how the Covid-19 pandemic had encouraged universities to implement distance learning models.

The atmosphere at the event was solemn and warm, with expressions of pride from the entire UT academic community and their families for the achievements of the three professors who were confirmed. With this inauguration, the number of professors at UT is 26, which further strengthens the academic integrity of the Open University.

The spirit to achieve academic achievement and excellence will continue to be maintained and instilled in the culture of this higher education institution. UT is committed to encouraging all of its teaching staff to move forward and contribute in their respective fields of knowledge. UT’s target is to have 2.5% of the total lecturers as Professors, as part of its commitment to open access to quality education for all people.

The inauguration of a Professor at UT provides inspiration for educators and students, proving that with dedication and enthusiasm, every individual can reach the pinnacle of academic excellence and play an active role in educating the nation’s life. Hopefully this achievement will further strengthen UT’s role in the world of education, bring benefits to the whole community, and make a major contribution to the progress of Indonesia.